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It is not difficult or complex to create a token. Any natural or legal person with minimal technical knowledge can make a token based on different existing blockchains and create restrictions and personal access in their source code. Unfortunately, many fraudulent blockchain-based projects abuse and destroy the trust of their investment community.

With unethical intentions, some developers can mislead their community in fraudulent projects by adding complexity to source codes, which most people will miss due to a lack of technical knowledge.

We assure our community and fans that transparency will be a fundamental principle of this project. We have stated that only 450,000,000 tokens will remain in circulation after burning, which will not change in the future. Supply will not be increased, and there will be no restrictions for sales after purchases or wallet locking.

Therefore, in our initial version, we used standard and transparent codes available in the OpenZeppelin code library(OpenZeppelin is a popular open-source platform to help write, deploy and manage decentralized applications) EQUA was created in the simplest possible way.

This does not mean that we do not have a particular contract. This separate explanation is aimed to provide blockchain information to our fans and members.

You may wonder why we used OpenZeppelin. We answer that numerous associations and developers approve this library of standard source codes, and people without programming knowledge can verify our transparency.

However, this is not the end, and the first token update and the initial version of the Equality Life metaverse will amaze you and reward the trust of its its community members.

The most important criterion for evaluating a project could be its objectives and social services. EQUA is not a meme coin since its goals are to serve humanity and promote equality. With the help of Equality Life members and fans, we hope to achieve the objectives and plans outlined in the white paper and various sections of the official website.