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Each NFT (non-fungible token) in this project’s collection represents material value and a humanitarian work of art. As mentioned in Project Vision, a specialised market will be launched for the project in the future. Initially, the available platforms and active markets will be used to let the Equality Life collection shine alongside other projects. You can browse the project’s collection with the following link.

Equality Life's NFT collection is divided into three categories:

The first group is the project’s limited and exclusive NFTs symbolising humanism in the world.

The second group are the NFTs donated to the project by the community, which combine art with spirituality.

The third group are the NFTs of Equals verified by Mentors.

(Equal artists can submit their works to be converted into NFTs and listed and displayed in the collection. All proceeds will go to the owner.)

How can I donate an NFT?

Anyone can donate their NFT to the collection by transferring it to the designated addresses on the ETH and Polygon platforms. The project will then put it on sale in its collection.

To donate NFT, you can go to the collection of donated NFTs in opensea via the link below.

Important: You should note that the collection of donated NFTs is different from the main collection of the project.

How will the NFT sale revenue be spent?

The proceeds of NFT sales will be deposited in the specified wallets of the project as financial support and spent toward the project's primary goal of helping Equals.

As mentioned in Token Burning, Equa tokens will be removed from circulation for specific amounts of NFT sales.