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If you are wondering who Equals are, they can be all of the following:

  • People with any disabilities.
  • People with chronic diseases.
  • People with acute and chronic diseases cannot afford treatment and medicine.
  • People who cannot afford basic living costs.
  • The elderly who cannot afford basic living costs. Unattended children.
  • People are suffering from syndromes.
  • Women who are family caretakers.
  • Members of the LGBT community.

Some people are not listed yet who consider themselves eligible for our services. Their request will be examined after registration, and they will receive our services after verification.

To continue our efforts to create an equal society with the help of our community, we seek to develop reliable communication channels to cooperate with these individuals and care centres.

How can the special services for Equals be used?

First, remember that the goal is to serve Equals and build an equal society. Therefore, let us provide the correct information to ensure this group receives these services quickly. If you do not meet said criteria, please do not register.

To receive these particular services, first, register and submit your information.

At this stage, you will be listed as an Equal, but there is one more step to using our services.

After initial registration, choose your Mentor and enter your Equa cryptocurrency wallet address.

Then, follow us on social media for more support.

You are now listed for preliminary examinations and will receive our complete services after confirmation.

When will we be listed among eligible individuals?

After submitting the information, the list will be sent to the introduced Mentors, who will make the final confirmation. Therefore, enter your contact information carefully and provide a concise description of the reasons for your inclusion in the list of Equals.

Are Equa tokens deposited after entering the address?

Yes, but after approval by mentors.

The project’s revenue, including NFT sales, charity fund addresses, and the tokens mentioned above, will be deposited into the wallets of Equals.

After approval by Mentors, will all the donations be paid to verified wallets?

Mentors handle distribution and payment to Equals, and only the predetermined and community donation tokens are deposited into the wallets of Equals.

How to introduce our Mentor?

Mentors are the administrative arms who are vital in sharing kindness and confirming equals. Since this project provides services worldwide, only together can we identify each individual and their critical roles. Therefore, you can select a mentor others have already introduced in your region or introduce your desired Mentor if there are no mentors in your area.

After the introduction, make sure to support the new Mentor on the list and not underestimate the media’s influence and power.

You can view the pending and approved mentors.

How do I submit my wallet address?

To show the Equa token in your list of currencies, you can log in to any valid wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet and enter the following contrast on the BSC platform. Then copy the receiving address into the registration section.



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