Together, we will make Equality Life the world's first social support brand.
This goal is within reach, and we will strive to achieve it.
This project, which is dedicated to charity, connects individuals and organizations from around the world who are committed to spreading kindness and promoting equality.
Here, we struggle for peace, equality, and building a world filled with beauty...
Welcome to the realm of Equals.


An investment with a bright future
Buying Equa Tokens in the presale allows you to get them early and cheaply.
In a smart contract, you will receive the purchased tokens before launch.
A project with clear, humanitarian, and international goals.



From now on, you will frequently hear the words EQUA and Equal

Simply remember that EQUAs have arrived to help Equals

Therefore, we are the EQUAs, and Equals are individuals supported by this community.

Our presence, it may be said, mainly aims to provide an equal life for Equals. People from around the world who face any kind of deprivation and limitation can be listed as Equals.



Mentors are the strong administrative arms that help us.
From the people, for the people, and by people. This is our transparent and purposeful chain. A Mentor does not have to be a person. All natural and legal persons and community-authorized institutions can help us in the equitable distribution of donations. As mentioned, each link in this chain is essential for promoting social equality.

Introduce and confirm Mentors from the community for the rights of Equals.

Find and select leaders from around the world


A Step Toward Empowerment and Equality

This is more than simply a charity fund; it is a driving force behind achieving ambitious goals.

Crypto has come to help create a new face of a better life.

This is not just a charity fund but one of the project’s propellers. Every member can support us by donating and transferring any of the mentioned cryptocurrencies.

All received donations will reach Equals via Mentors and help develop the project.

The received Equa currency is directly deposited into the wallets of Mentor-approved Equals.

You can purchase and deposit Equa tokens directly at the provided address to now support Equals.

Mentored will provide the other introduced cryptocurrencies to eligible people.

Spread kindness now…

You can donate to Equals by BTC, EQUA,ETH,BNB and MATIC.



The Combination of Art and Altruism Equals Crypto Diamond.

Although beautiful on its own, art becomes precious when used for humanitarian ends. Equality Life’s NFT collection is a positive symbol of priceless humanism.
The financial value generated by this spirituality will return to the cycle and reach Equals via Mentors. As explained earlier, our NFT collection is essential for burning tokens and increasing the ecosystem’s value.
As this family grows worldwide, Equality Life's NFT collection will be acknowledged as the human values brand.


Since this project's main interests go to a vulnerable and suffering community and its investors, each Equa token is valuable. There are a total of 900,000,000 million Equa tokens, 50% of which is planned to be burned and transferred to a dead wallet. That is, 450,000,000 tokens will be burned, leaving only half in circulation. However, these tokens will be burned under a unique plan that will return their value to circulation. In the NFT collection project, one token is burned for every dollar of NFT sold, and the amount is deposited to the charity fund and returned to the development cycle and milestones. As long as each token is worth one dollar or less, the number of tokens removed from circulation will correspond to the NFT’s dollar value, and when each token exceeds one dollar, the tokens will be calculated, burned, and removed from circulation to the dollar value of donated NFTs.

For example:
1. When each token is less than or equal to 1 dollar, a donated NFT worth 50,000 dollars will remove from circulation and burn 50,000 tokens.
2. When each token is 1.1 dollars, a 55,000-dollar donated NFT will burn and remove a 50,000 token worth 55,000 dollars from circulation.

The tokens intended for burning will remain at a specified address and get deducted after each NFT sale.
There is no reason to remove tokens from circulation pointlessly since they belong to all members, and we protect your interests.


A total of 900 million Equa tokens were created on the BSC blockchain, and although half of it is transferred to a dead wallet and removed from circulation, its dollar value is returned to the project. This project will not allow re-minting.

For transparency, please read the simple explanations provided by our development team.

The supply is divided as follows:
50% of the total supply will be burned (according to the presented plan)
20% of the total supply is distributed among Equals.
10% of the total supply belongs to supporters and promoters of kindness.
20% is the pre-sale & Liquidity
0% Team



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Be the spokesperson and ambassador of Equals in your country and receive 10% of the total supply